The idea of construction of railroad in Sudan began in the epoch of Mohammed Ali Basha governor of Sudan in the beginning of the 19th . century . The first trial of construction of railroad began in the Khediev Ismail .
The line was constructed from Wadi Halfa and reched Umbacall to a distance of 266 kilometers in April 1875. As a result of the existence of huge rocks in the passage of the line the work was stopped and equipment for cracking of rocks were ordered from abroad. Work had been resumed henceafter in the construction of the line till it reched Saras in the year 1877. The arrival of the line to Saras was completed in the epoch of Grodoon Pasha who for the bad financial situation stopped the construction of the railroad in Saras…Read more.

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Sudan Railways Corporation

SRC operates one of the longest railways in Africa. It operates a 5898 km long single line of 1.067 mm gauge. Sudan Railways Corporation, operating by the Sudan government , provides services to most of the country’s production and consumption centers.

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