Makkawi stands on the commisioning of Aljazeera train in Port Sudan

Makkawi stands on the commisioning of Aljazeera train in Port Sudan

  The Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges, Engineer Makkawi Mohamed Awad, paid an inspection visit to the railway workshops in the eastern province of Port Sudan. He reviewed the progress of the processing of the island’s trains which are underway for more than a week, praising the experiments carried out by the railway tribe of engineers and technicians. And workers pointing to their plans to promote the rail transport sector and the operation of modern trains throughout the country, highlighting their ongoing efforts to attract Qataris of the East and the Sultanate of Zarqa after the success of their experience in the Nile train Khartoum Atbara recalls that the Commission is witnessing a comprehensive renaissance in Tootha and fleet Taker and the carrier according to a long-term strategic plan that aims to progress the railway facility according to the latest technology have exceeded transport.
More than a week after the arrival of the train to Sudan in late November, the operation of the train operations on several levels, including testing the train track at different speeds and testing the safety and safety systems and ensure compliance with the specifications of the body as well as testing the performance of the main machines and traction engines and emergency stop systems and evacuation of the train Al Jazeera will soon witness the launch of Green Lantern flights between Al Kharam and Madan

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December 18, 2017

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