Statistics for the period 1960 - 2005

This Book includes all the general statistics pertaining to operation and productivity and efficiency of rolling stock in addition to infrastructure. General statistics incorporated in the book cover the period since the year 1960, so as to be beneficial for government organizations, international agencies, non-government organizations as well as research scholars.

The year 1960 has been chosen as a base year because it was considered as a turning point in the history of the railway. The year was considered as a threshold of the sixities decade which witnessed remarkable developmental endeavors for railway which were exemplified in :-

- Completion of network extension to different areas in the east, west and south.
– Upgrading of the main corridor to 90 lb rails as well as most of other lines.
– Augmentation of rolling stock by introduction of diesel locomotives and larger capacities freight & tank wagons and modern coaching wagons.
– Provision of automatic couplers and roller bearings for wagons to increase their efficiency and ensure their safe running.

The book will be updated annually and will be one of the periodical main references for statistics of the Railway.
We hope that this publication will be useful to all. Any suggestions or contributions for the improvement of this publication will be welcomed.

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