Organizational Structure

Organization Structure
1. Board Of Directors :
  • Eng.Dr. Mohamed Elfatih Mohamed Ali
    Eng. Mohammed Taha Ahmed
    Eng. Ahmed Ibraheem Ahmed
    Eng. Mahmoud Mohamed Abdallah
    Eng. Jalal eldin Shlyia
    Eng. Mohamed Elbahi Ali
    Lieutenant General. Omer Elfarouq Ahmed
    Ms. Ensaf Awad Mohamed
    Mr. Mohamed Hasan Ahmed Metty
    Mr. Hayder Othman Ahmed
  • Acting Chairman of the Board
    Sudan Railways Corp. General Manager, Council Member
    Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Council Member
    Council Member
    Director General of the Maritime Port Authority, Council Member
    Union Representative in Employer, Council Member
    Council Member
    Representative of the Ministry of Finance, Council Member
    Union representative, Council Member
    Secretary General of the Board of Directors, Council Member
2. Top Managment:
  • Eng. Mohammed Taha Ahmed
    Ms. Hayat A.Alrahim
    Mr. Maghrabi Yaseen
    Eng.Bushara gantor
    Eng. Musa Alqoum
    Eng. Mohamed Oro Saleem
    Mr. Mohamed Hamid
  • General Manager
    D.G.M For Finance
    D.G.M For Planning , Projects & MIS
    D.G.M. For Infrastructure
    D.G.M For Human Res. & Training
    D.G.M For Technical Affairs
    D.G.M For Operation
Organization Structure

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