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1/ Historical Background :

Sudan railways corporation is one of the longest railways in Africa . It operates a 4578 km. Long single line of 1.067 mm Gauge. Construction of the railway lines started in 1897 and most of the track was constructed before 1930 .
The railway’s main route extends from Port Sudan via Atbara to Khartoum with an alternate link between Haya and Sennar via Kassala. There branch lines north to karima and Wadi Halfa.

The latest extensions include new lines for transportation of Sudanese crude oil constructed between EL Mujlad and Abu Jabra (52 kms ) . and between the refinery in Abu Khiraiz and EL Obeid station ( 10 kms) , and Merwi Dam branch line from EL Ban station all completed between the years 1996 and 2002.

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2/ Railway Capabilities :

SRC owns at present 130 mainline locomotives, 54 shunting locomotives, 4187 freight wagons, 910 tank wagons and 167 passenger coaches .
Main workshops for heavy repairs of rolling stock, signalling and telecommunication’s equipment are concentrated in Atbara. This besides a cresting plant and an Oxygen- Acetylene Factory . The city also accommodates a workshop for wagons’ rehabilitation and maintenance, in addition to the other two subsidiary ones in Khartoum and port Sudan .

Signalling system in the main trunk Port Sudan/Khartoum up to Sennar and Kassala is double wire mechanical system. Telecommunication operates by an open- wire system. In addition to VHF. Tablet and token system is operated by open-wire lines

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