Locomotive & Rolling stock

Below is a brief introduction to the locomotives and rolling stock Directorate, its functions and departments, the various components and functions of assistance departments.

• locomotives and rolling stock Directorate is one of the largest Directorate of S.R.S it’s responsible for the maintenance of S.R.C fleet which is composed of Locomotives, wagons and machinery.
The corporation was started by steam locomotives, English diesel electric locomotives and now uses new type locomotives which use new computer technology (Chinese locomotives).

• It has a number of diesel electric locomotives consist of different models and there are also Hydraulic locomotives for shunting, the following general specifications:
The maximum axel load in heavy line is 16.5 tons, light line is 13.5 tons and maximum curve in main line is 4° 30‘ (388m),in sub lines are 12° 48‘ (137m)and track gauge is 1067 mm .

• Also have a number of passenger wagons and goods wagons of various kinds, purpose and use, with a tonnage of different (30-35-40-45-50) ton, with stabilized bogies & conventional bogies and there is a program to change all conventional to stabilized ones.

(1)The workshops:

• There are a number of workshops scattered around the country equipped with the potential for light maintenance of locomotives The maintenance of gross and heavy works have provided them with potential in the city of Atbara workshops.

• construction of a modern workshop for the maintenance and wagons in Port-Sudan, and workshops conducted by a major maintenance in both Khartoum , Port-Sudan and Atbara The daily treatments on the recovery of light takes place in many other workshops deployed in all regions of Sudan.

• In the main workshops there are workshops for lathes workshop, foundry works and welding workshop as well as other assistance and workshops with all these different types of machines to meet the need of main works.

• The following Profile of the main sections of the Directorate and its functions

A) Main workshops department:

• Do all the maintenance of heavy, light and shunting Locomotives, wagons, equipment and cranes as well as maintenance of all equipment such as lathes, Spread all over regions. This section includes several workshops in equipment maintenance, operations, welding, lathes, balances and supply regions with tools and the rehabilitation.

B) Manufacturing Department:

• Manufacture some spare parts for wagons and Locomotives and the rail as foundry and other metal heat treatment and it’s equipped with much equipment that helps manufacture spare parts and sometimes supply the public tender for the manufacture of special agricultural equipment.

C) Electricity Department:

• electrical installations for all equipment, machinery, cranes , houses offices and maintenance and follow-up of several units including the Directorate of rolling and cooling , air conditioning and maintenance of Locomotives diesel engines and has the routine maintenance of electrical equipment for all existing homes and offices , railway workshops maintenance of generators of the services , imaging and printing machines. Does the work of wiring to the new extension in regions.

(2) Coordinating Service Department:

• This Department is the focal point in the follow-up performance Locomotives, wagons and the implementation of employment policy by organizing a Locomotives and analysis of failures and the failures and accidents as well as to analyze the rates of consumption of oil , gasoline and follow-up reports Locomotives performance and then programming involved with the maintenance and traffic management control of the Central Section in the follow-up and operation of main line Locomotives and seminars And stand on the conditions on the trains and Locomotives clock

• Running sheds is responsible for different the work of regions ,supply them with spare parts, oil and lubricants of different kinds of Locomotives and wagons.

• It’s control the five regions running shed as follow:
1-Atbara 2-Port-Sudan 3-Khartoum
4-Kosti 5-Babnosa

• Running sheds is responsible for different the work of regions ,supply them with spare parts, oil and lubricants of different kinds of Locomotives and wagons.

• It’s control the five regions running shed as follow:
1-Atbara 2-Port-Sudan 3-Khartoum
4-Kosti 5-Babnosa

(3) Technical affairs and projects department:

• Prepare the technical studies of all offers for Locomotives, wagons and equipment. As well as the preparation of technical specifications for all the needs of railways and the preparation of the budget for tugs as well as running to do all the analysis of oils and material and requested spare parts and control stocks and preparation of statistical data and periodic reports.

• Engineers and technicians continuing efforts of research and study, testing and analysis for the improvement and development of systems engineering and work procedures by conducting the necessary adjustments and develop specifications.

Mechanic workshop:

• Full supervision on the property of small and light cars and mobile cranes, lifters and technical assistance in overhauling machines small diesel and gasoline machines.

Commercial production:

• This section runs the business with the maintenance workshops, manufacturing and electricity to provide business services to workers and the public institutions, including the work of wood and iron furniture and the needs of special workshop equipment and spare parts and Castings.

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