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since the beginning of the second millennium the think began to rehabilitation the railway .The first step is to establish factory owned by the Sudan Railways in the city of Atbara and that was in 2000, but many problems that have prevented the establishment and completion of the plant.
In 2010, has been reached to the most successful agreements kinds .Where the contract has been signed with an investment company Huibo Chinese for 3 years to supply, lay, installing, testing and operating of the factory with Sudan Railways specifications in addition to guarantee the production. And purchase the product in local currency with standard price.
The concrete sleepers are the latest innovations in the railway industry .It provides safe track for the rail trains and do not damage the environment like wooden sleepers. In addition to that it’s characterized with the long life. As well as its resistance and are not affected by climatic conditions compared to others types. It’s also less expensive in terms of maintenance work.

Concrete sleepers factory in Khartoum Bahri

The operational capacity is approximately 2,000 sleepers per day, which is enough to set up around (400-450 km) per year. With respect to operating materials required in the production process is divided into two parts: the raw materials are available in Sudan (such as sand – Concrete – Cement – cement additions materials) .The other division includes manufacturing materials are imported from outside the Sudan by the Chinese company and represent 54% of the total manufacturing cost, which like (reinforcing steel, plastic materials).
Took into account since the initial design stages of the factory, accommodate new production lines cope accelerate progress in railway projects horizontally and vertically. Where also considered possibility of increasing production capacity of the factory. At the same time the possibility of absorption to produce concrete sleeper with wide broadband “standard gauge 1435mm”. In addition to dual sleeper (dual gauge). And the activity of the factory will be limited with regard the development and rehabilitation of the railway industry as contracted.

Quality control system in the factory

A / quality control testing before manufacturing

It is a test to see the quality of the raw materials and include the following:

It is applied to British Standards
• Strength 3 days & 28 days
• Initial setting
• Final setting
• Soundness test
• Fineness

It is applied according to the specifications of British standard (by Auto vibrator Auto) sieve analysis

It is applied according to the specifications of British standard (by Auto vibrator Auto) sieve analysis

It is a test to determine the per-stress reinforcement of steel used to produce sleepers, and it is scheduled each new shipment (patch) and resistance of steel used 1570 N / mm²

It is a test used to determine the mix design specifications and resistance required for Concrete

B / During manufacture Tests:

It tests to see the quality of concrete during manufacture of the product and include:

To know the degree of operational concrete used for the production of sleepers which vary with climatic conditions and to know specifications of the product to be manufactured

Being done daily by break three cubes to know their resistance and an average resistance of concrete in seven days is N / mm ² 42.

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